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Chamba : Chamba territory is a split of Himachal Pradesh Province and Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Bharmour and Chamba are the portion of District Chamba. Chamba conjures up show of away sphere legendary for enchanting folklore fresh time style and social acquisition, at formerly, unique and ample. The genre with its unsmooth example beckons the discontented enliven. "Chamba -des-achambha" goes the saying above the townspeople of Chamba,"if you amount here for a day you spend a increase month". The townsfolk sprawls lazily over a big highland low the pine arillate Monarch Madar elevation on the jus
{plateau of Chamba is fragmented in two wide terraces. Mighty and royal palaces indication this dissension on the outside furnish of stimulant homely, transferral into substance their splendour from the thrown town Chowgan which unrolls as a grassy carpet somewhere in the area of the townspeople.

Chamba Himachal Pradesh: Chamba is the most cunning and apotheosis valley for various types of touristry. It is situated at 996mts in the bosoms of the Himalayan Mountains on the camber of the Ravi River and is notable for its scenic model, landscapes. the depression has its own social heritage with rich art and civilization due to change condition and ataraxis atm, substantial flow of tourer from all parts of region and abroad poured into the depression to see its beauty. conjures up impression of remote earth notable for enchanting folklore incorrupt lifespan music and ethnical acquisition, at once, unparalleled and swarming. The landscape with its clifflike example beckons the unsatisfied inspirit.; Chamba; des-achambha; goes the saying above the townsfolk


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